Programs tagged with Workshop

Advanced Teaching Program (ATP)
The Advanced Teaching Program (ATP) is a hands-on, 20 hr (6 half day) seminar specifically designed for advanced graduate students who would like to develop the practical skills necessary to teach their own courses.
Electronic Theses and Dissertations Training Workshops
This workshop walks graduate students through the ETD process and features representatives from SGPS and Western Libraries on hand to address any questions students have regarding the process.
Graduate Writing Support Group
A support group for graduate students.
Group Career Counselling - Just for International Students!
Small group sessions for 15 international graduate and undergraduate students close to graduation. Receive help and guidance from a Career Counsellor and other international students in finding and keeping employment in Canada.
Leadership Education Program Facilitator
The Leadership Education Program (LEP) is a free program providing Western undergrads with the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge that will help them become truly effective leaders. Facilitation is an exciting endeavour that will see you take existing content and develop your own method of delivery to present the module to small groups of engaged students.
Lead TA Program
The Lead TA Program is a new initiative on campus to facilitate the professional development of teaching assistants at a discipline-specific level.
Managing Anxiety and Stress
This group is designed to facilitate coping with academic and personal stress. Discussion topics will include effective coping, building a coping repertoire, time management, and self-care.
Mindfulness Meditation Drop-In Session
Come practice mindfulness meditation skills or try it for the first time in a relaxed, casual environment. Participants will practice mindfulness meditation skills via audio-recording.
Preparing for Non-Academic Employment
Preparing for Non-Academic Employment is a one week program for PhD students and postdoctoral scholars, offered in collaboration with the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Student Success Center.
Reading Strategies for Graduate Students
A 90 minute workshop to help graduate students strengthen their academic reading skills.
The Language of Advanced Discussions
This 20 hour workshop is designed for international and new resident graduate students who are already highly effective communicators in English and who would like to enhance their academic, interpersonal, and professional communication skills further.
The Language of Conference Presentations
This 8 hour workshop series will help international students prepare to present their research at academic conferences.
The Language of Difficult Conversations
This 12 hour workshop will help international graduate students develop the interpersonal and linguistic skills required to engage in difficult discussions in and out of the classroom.
The Language of Research Presentations
This 8 hour workshop series will help international students learn how to communicate their research to others.
Time Management for Graduate Students
A 90 minute workshop to help graduate students strengthen their time management skills.
Transitionaing to Graduate School
A 90 minute workshop to help students with the transition to graduate school.
What to Expect in a Defense and Submitting your Thesis
This workshop outlines what occurs during the thesis examination and details all significant events involved in the process from initial submission to the final submission of the thesis.