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Western Certificate in University Teaching
Programs that count towards one of the requirements for obtaining the Western Certificate in University Teaching.
Programs that include a short 10-15 minute mock teaching session (microteaching).
International Students
Programs that are specifically aimed towards students from outside of North America.
CV Builder
Programs that could be a valuable addition to your curriculum vitae (CV).
Pre-registration Required
Programs that require advanced registration to participate. Some programs may also require a deposit to reserve a spot.

Workshops are group sessions, led by a facilitator, which involve some level of participation by all attendees.


Conferences involve multiple speakers/presenters and may include workshop style sessions.


A course involves active learning by the participant with an expectation of involvement and potential for homework. Most courses result in a form of credit or certificate upon successful completion.


One-on-one sessions take place in a private setting, usually with specific task in mind.


Competitions are a fun test of graduate student and post-doctoral skills and abilities, usually for a great prize!

Seminar or Talk

Seminar talks are usually lecture style with a single speaker (may be a part of a larger conference).


Drop-ins operate on a first come, first serve – no advanced registration required.

Snacks and Refreshments Provided