Teaching Resources


Online Resources
Faculty Development Associates

Strategies for Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
National Teaching and Learning Forum

Georgia State University: GSU Master Teacher Program: The Lecture
Very practical site. How to prepare, organize, and present an effective lecture. Links to examples.

Collaborative Learning and Group Work – Harvard University 
Site is designed for both teachers and students. Easy-to-read, useful links, a good place to start.

Tips Sheets: Learning & Teaching Activities
University of Waterloo

Classroom Assessment Techniques
National Teaching and Learning Forum

Learning Styles

Field Dependence/Independence
Describes field dependence/independence as a cognitive style variable

Kolb’s Learning Styles
(Active experimenter, reflective observer, concrete experiencer & abstract conceptualizer)

University of Guelph – Learning Styles
Links to multiple learning style inventories

Felder’s Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire online

Learning Styles exercise from JCU
(Active-reflective; sensing-intuitive; visual-verbal, sequential-global etc.)

TA 5 Tips from Outstanding TAs

All of the TAs interviewed have been recognized for their outstanding work as teaching assistants (could link here to Great Ideas in Teaching and Teaching Assistant awards)

Best Advice for International TAs

Best Advice for TAing a Lab