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Online Resources

The online resources linked here connect you to a world of resources to help you succeed during your graduate program. You will find information about grant writing, giving effective poster presentations, networking at academic conferences and managing stress in graduate school. The resource pages include services for graduate students at Western as well as links to information from universities in Canada and around the world.

Teaching Resources
Look in this section for information on learning styles, preparing your teaching philosophy, designing a course and how to report grades electronically at Western.
Collaboration and Interpersonal Communication Resources
Writing Resources
Look in this section for books and online resources about thesis and dissertation writing, writing successful grant proposals and getting published.
Research Resources
Look in this section for resources to aid in your thesis research at Western.
Presentation Resources
Look in this section for information on giving effective academic and professional presentations.
Leadership and Mentorship Resources
In this section you will find articles on the graduate student-supervisor relationship, on finding a mentor and how to complete your graduate degree with young children at home.
Time and Self-Management Resources
Look in this section for information on time management, preparing for comprehensive exams and for strategies to document your professional development during your program.
Career and Professional Development Resources
Look in this section for strategies to help you apply for a faculty position and how to prepare for a non-academic career, including articles on writing a CV, getting a letter of recommendation and preparing for a job interview.
Laugh and Learn

Laughing can lead to learning so laugh and learn about humorous coping strategies for grad school.