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Leadership Education Program Facilitator

The Leadership Education Program (LEP) is a free program providing Western undergrads with the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge that will help them become truly effective leaders.

LEP is delivered in 14 modules divided into three tiers. The seven modules of tier one (Individual Leadership) focus on skills the individual needs to be an effective leader with topics such as communication, public speaking, self management, and campus involvement. The seven modules of tier two (Group Leadership) focus on the skills a leader needs to effectively facilitate group processes with topics like team building, facilitation, and conflict management.

Tier three is a service learning placement in an organization of the student’s choice, and is built upon the foundation of the earlier tiers while collaborating with teams and making an impact in the London community.

The Leadership Education Program (LEP) is offered free of charge to all undergraduates at Western University. It is driven by a team of volunteer student facilitators, primarily in their graduate education with some openings for upper year undergraduate students who have leadership experience.

Facilitation is an exciting endeavour that will see you take existing content and develop your own method of delivery to present the module to small groups of engaged students. Facilitation skills are a highly sought after asset; facilitating with LEP provides a tremendous opportunity to further your listening and speaking skills while meeting engaged students among both the facilitation team and the module attendees.

If you have any questions, please contact lep@uwo.ca.

Dates: Recruitment for the fall term takes place in early September, and recruitment for the winter term takes place in early January. You will be contacted by these timelines once you fill out the online form.

Link: www.lep.uwo.ca

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