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Group Career Counselling - Just for International Students!

Small group sessions for help and guidance in finding and keeping employment in Canada.

PARTICIPANTS: 15 international graduate and undergraduate close to graduation looking for post-academic employment in Canada.

TOPICS: Self-awareness, adjustment, culture shock, how to identify and market your skills, networking and interview strategies, how to succeed in the Canadian workplace.

LENGTH: This program consists of eight sessions, each 3 hours in length. Participants must attend all eight sessions.

Estimated dates: October and November annually.

Link: http://success.uwo.ca/careers/events/group_career_counselling.html

Program Tags

International StudentsInternational Students
Pre-registration RequiredPre-registration Required
Snacks and Refreshments ProvidedSnacks and Refreshments Provided

Contact Information

Student Success Centre

Room 210

University Community Centre


Tel: 519-661-3559

Email: successcentre@uwo.ca