Collaboration and Interpersonal Communication

Collaboration and Interpersonal Communication Competency

What is Collaboration and Interpersonal Communication Competency?

  • Competency in collaboration and interpersonal communication is the ability to effectively communicate within and outside academia and to develop of interpersonal abilities including conflict resolution and intercultural communication 
  • Skills developed in this area are transferable skill sets that all graduate students and post-doctoral fellows can develop and apply to other areas of their life and career searches, such as team work, teaching, partnering outside academia and leadership
    • Many programs for New Canadians and International graduate students available through the Teaching Support Centre highlight dialogs for difficult situations with supervisors and intercultural communication
  • Collaboration and team work is an important skill and courses which focus on group discussion and team work, such as the Advanced Teaching Program, give students and opportunity to foster these skill sets
  • Leadership competency, the ability to lead, delegate, and work with other individuals, is closely linked with communication competencies

Programs with Collaboration and Interpersonal Communication as Main Competency

Communication in the Canadian Classroom
Effective communication is an essential element of good teaching and learning, good research, and success in a university environment. Join us for a 12-hour seminar series, and learn to communicate with greater confidence in the Canadian academic environment.
Graduate Student Orientation
SGPS's Graduate Student Orientation is a great opportunity to meet new students and important contacts on campus, in addition to learning about various Western services to help make your graduate experience a memorable one.
The Language of Advanced Discussions
This 20 hour workshop is designed for international and new resident graduate students who are already highly effective communicators in English and who would like to enhance their academic, interpersonal, and professional communication skills further.
The Language of Difficult Conversations
This 12 hour workshop will help international graduate students develop the interpersonal and linguistic skills required to engage in difficult discussions in and out of the classroom.
Western Certificate in Academic and Professional Communication
This Certificate is designed to enhance the academic and professional communication skills of international graduate students in order to help them make a successful transition to Canadian academia and to prepare them for success in international research and professional settings.

Programs with Collaboration and Interpersonal Communication as Secondary Competency

Consult the Experts Series
The "Consult the Experts" Series offers support to scholars who are writing research proposals for competition.
Graduate Career Day
This event provides graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with the opportunity to gain valuable information about landing both academic and non-academic positions and will be comprised of a series of workshops on networking to a non-academic position, preparing for academic and non-academic interviews, negotiating first faculty contracts, and alumni panel discussions.
Group Career Counselling - Just for International Students!
Small group sessions for 15 international graduate and undergraduate students close to graduation. Receive help and guidance from a Career Counsellor and other international students in finding and keeping employment in Canada.
Indigenous Services
The Student Development Centre's Indigenous Services provides culturally supportive services and programs to Indigenous Students at Western University.
Lead TA Program
The Lead TA Program is a new initiative on campus to facilitate the professional development of teaching assistants at a discipline-specific level.
Mindfulness Meditation Drop-In Session
Come practice mindfulness meditation skills or try it for the first time in a relaxed, casual environment. Participants will practice mindfulness meditation skills via audio-recording.
Scholars to Leaders Club
The Club offers a unique opportunity to bring scholars together with academic and private-sector professionals who are specifically skilled in mentoring candidates through the preparation of applications to internationally renowned scholarship programs such as the Rhodes Scholarships, the Fulbright Scholarships, the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, and Canada’s own Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships and Trudeau Doctoral Scholarships.
Services for Students with Disabilities
Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) plays a central role in Western's efforts to ensure that its academic programs are accessible. SSD arranges academic accommodation for classes, exams, practicum placements, and other course or program activities. SSD also provides digital and Braille textbooks, accessible campus transportation, learning strategy instruction for students with learning disabilities, access to computer labs that are equipped with assistive technology, referrals for assessments and other services, and bursaries for students who meet OSAP's eligibility criteria.
Teaching Assistant Training Program
The Teaching Assistant Training Program is a hands-on, two-and-a-half- day session taught by current Teaching Assistants (TAs) and designed for new TAs embarking on their teaching careers.
Teaching in the Canadian Classroom
Effective teaching is an essential element of being an international teaching assistant and the cornerstone of presentations for all graduate students. Join us for a 20-hour seminar series, and learn to teach and present with greater confidence in the Canadian classroom.
The Teaching Mentor Program For Graduate Students
The Teaching Mentor Program for Graduate Students is a unique opportunity for graduate students to be observed in their personal teaching environment and to receive valuable feedback from peers.